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Transition to Clean Economy

A clean energy economy is 100% possible in your lifetime


November 13th 2015

Visual: The transition to 100% renewables is not only necessary, it's 100% possible.On the eve of the Paris Climate Summit, we have an unprecedented opportunity to be heard by our new government on climate issues. Join us in Ottawa on November 29 for the 100% Possible March for Climate Solutions and Justice: www.100possible.ca #100possible

Keystone XL

#NOKXL Pumpkin Carving Party


November 1st 2015

Visual: Pipeline Fighters gathered at Harmony Nursery in Bradshaw, NE on Friday, Oct. 30 to carve a #NOKXL message to Pres. Barack Obama and new Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau into a whole lot of pumpkins!

Canadian Election

Greenpeace remakes classic CBC short film as a wake-up call for voters


October 15th 2015

Visual: Remember the classic animation that played when CBC TV transmissions began in the morning and signed-off at night? The original animation showed a Canada with sparkling lakes, ancient forests, rugged mountains and wild coastlines. After nine years of Harper government, this remake shows a Canada dominated by pipelines, oil spills and seismic blasting in the Arctic.

Climate Impacts, Energy East

Energy East: A threat to our climate

September 17th 2015

Visual: The planned Energy East pipeline threatens to lock us into decades of soaring emissions from expanding the tar sands. It would lead to emissions that equal adding 7 million cars to Canada's roads.

Alberta Clipper

#MidwestUnrest Highlights

September 2nd 2015

Visual: Last week, 20 youth and allies were arrested in front of John Kerry's home in Georgetown demanding he stop Enbridge's illegal tar sands scandal and put a halt to the expansion of Alberta Clipper. It was an incredible day. Here’s a video showing the highlights.

Spills and Leaks

A massive oil pipeline under the Great Lakes is way past its expiration date

August 11th 2015

Visual: The Straits of Mackinac connect Lake Huron and Lake Michigan, and divide Michigan’s lower peninsula from its upper peninsula. But the gorgeous blue expanse of this part of the Great Lakes region is threatened by a danger lurking just beneath its surface: two degrading oil pipelines. Motherboard correspondent Spencer Chumbley went to Michigan to investigate the situation, and the research is alarming. If just one of the pipelines ruptured, it would result in a spill of 1.5 million gallons of oil.