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Human Rights

Who’s paying the highest price for tar sands crude?

Ted Genoways | OnEarth - November 11th 2014

Visual: When migrating birds used to fly over the tar sands region, it was covered by pristine boreal forest, a perfect habitat and breeding ground for hundreds of bird species. Now it’s a polluted hellscape, crisscrossed by toxic tailings ponds—gigantic pools of chemical byproducts left over from the process of extracting and refining the world’s dirtiest fuel from huge open-pit mines.

Economic Factors, Petrostate Politics

What do Norwegians know that Albertans don’t?

November 11th 2014

Visual: At first, the oil companies balked at Norway's proposal and took their efforts elsewhere, but the Norwegian government took a "take it or leave it" stance and about a year later the oil companies agreed to Norway’s terms. In contrast, in 2007 an independent Alberta Royalty Review Panel advised that the total government take (Alberta and Canada, taxes and royalties) should be increased, and Alberta could still remain an attractive investment destination. The total take was increased temporarily, but after criticism from the oil and gas industry, royalties were rolled back again in 2010.

Alberta Clipper

Enbridge’s illegal scheme to double tar sands imports

October 28th 2014

Visual: Enbridge, the largest Canadian pipeline company, has come up with an illegal scheme to nearly double the capacity of its Alberta Clipper tar sands pipeline (aka Line 67), igniting a new wave of tar sands imports through Minnesota, to Superior, Wisconsin. Enbridge wants to bypass the Presidential Permit process by transferring the dirty tar sands crude from Alberta Clipper to another pipeline, called Line 3, just north of the border, then re‐ transferring it back to Line 67 once it’s crossed into the U.S.

Energy East

Energy East 101

October 14th 2014

Visual: Energy East 101, a four-minute handimation gives a comprehensive background on the controversial Energy East pipeline proposed by TransCanada. The video is narrated in English by Maude Barlow, author and national chairperson of the Council of Canadians, and in French by Quebec-based activist Steven Guilbeault from Equiterre.

Creating a Low Carbon Future

Climate Week in your face

October 2nd 2014

Visual: InsideClimate News has posted some portraits and quotes of some of the people we met at the People's Climate March. Here you'll find 23 of 400,000 individuals speaking from their hearts about why they showed up in New York City to march for a clean-energy future.