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Energy East

Energy East: The Great Canadian Migration

January 16th 2015

Visual: Working to protect the environment from devastating pollution can be heavy stuff. With our latest video on the risks of the Energy East pipeline, we thought we’d try to lighten things up a bit by asking: What would happen if Britain’s greatest nature explorer did a nature documentary on the migration of oil?

VIDEO: 2014 was the ‘Year of the Win’


January 5th 2015

Visual: 2014 was a landmark year for tar sands, climate and First Nations activists in Canada and the United States. Dozens of major actions were organized by communities, giant mines were cancelled due to pipeline constraints, and the national conversation about climate and energy shifted in both Canada and the U.S. Because of your work, the tides began to turn in 2014. We’re now winning the fight. Here's why.

Enbridge Northern Gateway

Enbridge Northern Gateway’s Year in Review: Opposition shows strength in numbers

December 16th 2014

Visual: This week, groups are marking the anniversary of the Joint Review Panel’s recommendation to approve Enbridge’s controversial pipeline and tanker project with a retrospective index. “One year after the hearings concluded, the opposition to Enbridge’s pipeline and tankers is as strong as ever,” said Gerald Amos of the Friends of Wild Salmon. “Enbridge has failed to win social licence for the project or meet any of its 209 conditions, and British Columbians and First Nations are pulling together to stop the project in the courts.”

Oil by rail

VIDEO - Boom: North America’s Explosive Oil-by-Rail Problem

December 8th 2014

Visual: The Weather Channel and InsideClimate News teamed up to investigate the problem of exploding railcars in "Boom: America's Explosive Oil-by-Rail Problem." The documentary accompanies an investigation by reporters Marcus Stern and Sebastian Jones, who explain why federal regulations to protect the public have been stalled by the railroads and the oil industry.

Human Rights

Who’s paying the highest price for tar sands crude?

Ted Genoways | OnEarth - November 11th 2014

Visual: When migrating birds used to fly over the tar sands region, it was covered by pristine boreal forest, a perfect habitat and breeding ground for hundreds of bird species. Now it’s a polluted hellscape, crisscrossed by toxic tailings ponds—gigantic pools of chemical byproducts left over from the process of extracting and refining the world’s dirtiest fuel from huge open-pit mines.

Economic Factors, Petrostate Politics

What do Norwegians know that Albertans don’t?

November 11th 2014

Visual: At first, the oil companies balked at Norway's proposal and took their efforts elsewhere, but the Norwegian government took a "take it or leave it" stance and about a year later the oil companies agreed to Norway’s terms. In contrast, in 2007 an independent Alberta Royalty Review Panel advised that the total government take (Alberta and Canada, taxes and royalties) should be increased, and Alberta could still remain an attractive investment destination. The total take was increased temporarily, but after criticism from the oil and gas industry, royalties were rolled back again in 2010.