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Air & Water Issues, Stop the Expansion

Sign the petition to Suncor Energy

July 22nd 2014

Visual: Suncor is spending millions on a high profile public relations blitz to convince Canadians it cares about the environment. But we know Suncor is lobbying to get exempted from new water regulations and so it can take as much fresh water from the Athabasca River as it wants -- and then dump its toxic tailings water right into the Athabasca River. Tell Suncor you support absolute limits on water withdrawals and a ban on waste water dumping.

Keystone XL, Energy East

Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation pulls out of Grand Rapids Hearings

July 20th 2014

Visual: Today the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation (ACFN) announced they will no longer participate in the TransCanada Grand Rapids Pipeline hearing citing impossible timelines and prejudice within the process. The First Nation is referring to the project as the “Mother of All Pipelines,” feeding projects like the Energy East Pipeline and the controversial Keystone XL pipeline projects.

Keystone XL

Caretakers & Warriors


June 19th 2014

Visual: The Keystone XL pipeline is not a conservative issue or a liberal issue, it is a human issue. Despite being bullied by TransCanada, farmers and ranchers in Nebraska continue to fight for their lives and livelihoods. North of the border, Canada's First Nations see the danger of tar sands development firsthand. At the end of the day, these people know that this is about more than just one pipeline. Stand with them!

Petrostate Politics, Enbridge Northern Gateway

300 scientists denounce the Joint Review Panel report


Editors | Tar Sands Solutions Network - June 3rd 2014

Visual: 300 scientists from across Canada are asking Prime Minister Harper to reject the findings of the Joint Review Panel (JRP) in the federal decision to approve or reject the Enbridge Northern Gateway Project, because the JRP’s recommendation to approve the oil sands pipeline was based on a “flawed analysis of the risks and benefits to B.C.’s environment and society.”