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Transition to Clean Economy

Paris: It’s up to us to close the gap between rhetoric and reality


December 13th 2015

Visual: On December 12th, 2015, world governments meeting in Paris produced a landmark climate agreement. The deal followed two weeks of intense negotiations and waves of global mobilization by the climate movement. While there’s so much this deal leaves undone and so much work still to do, the Paris Agreement does finally send a signal to the world that the age of fossil fuels is over. Now it’s up to us to close the gap between rhetoric and reality. We’re ready.

Transition to Clean Economy

25,000 people believe 100% clean is 100% possible


December 4th 2015

Visual: On November 29, the day before the UN Climate Summit in Paris began, 800,000 people gathered in cities all over the world to champion climate solutions and justice. Thousands gathered in Vancouver and other Canadian cities. In our wrap-up video from Ottawa, watch 25,000 beautiful people celebrate the beginning of the end of climate change.

Transition to Clean Economy

A clean energy economy is 100% possible in your lifetime


November 13th 2015

Visual: The transition to 100% renewables is not only necessary, it's 100% possible.On the eve of the Paris Climate Summit, we have an unprecedented opportunity to be heard by our new government on climate issues. Join us in Ottawa on November 29 for the 100% Possible March for Climate Solutions and Justice: www.100possible.ca #100possible

Keystone XL

#NOKXL Pumpkin Carving Party


November 1st 2015

Visual: Pipeline Fighters gathered at Harmony Nursery in Bradshaw, NE on Friday, Oct. 30 to carve a #NOKXL message to Pres. Barack Obama and new Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau into a whole lot of pumpkins!

Canadian Election

Greenpeace remakes classic CBC short film as a wake-up call for voters


October 15th 2015

Visual: Remember the classic animation that played when CBC TV transmissions began in the morning and signed-off at night? The original animation showed a Canada with sparkling lakes, ancient forests, rugged mountains and wild coastlines. After nine years of Harper government, this remake shows a Canada dominated by pipelines, oil spills and seismic blasting in the Arctic.

Climate Impacts, Energy East

Energy East: A threat to our climate

September 17th 2015

Visual: The planned Energy East pipeline threatens to lock us into decades of soaring emissions from expanding the tar sands. It would lead to emissions that equal adding 7 million cars to Canada's roads.