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It's not easy to transform the world. Powerful industries are working hard to maintain our reliance on oil, destroy progress on climate change and block our access to the clean energy economy. But people all over the world want a different future and are starting to fight back, and win.

2/3 of British Columbia including 100 First Nations united against Enbridge Northern Gateway? Victory! Three major tar sands mines cancelled in 2014 due to "lack of infrastructure"? Victory! 400,000 marchers in New York demanding a safe climate? Victory!

This is the story of the growing movement fighting for solutions.

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Oil by rail

Santa Barbara says no to oil train


Nick Welsh | Santa Barbara Independent - July 30th 2015

Press Clipping: The Santa Barbara City Council voted 5-2 to write a letter urging that San Luis Obispo reject an application by Phillips 66 to expand the railroad spur at its Nipomo refinery, thus creating the space necessary for a 1.4-mile-long train — carrying up to 80 cars of oil — to use the facility as a destination. Mayor Helene Schneider and Councilmember Gregg Hart put the item before the council, arguing the risk posed by the five oil trains expected per week was unacceptable.

Stop the Expansion

Teck mine delay and industry’s 2015 forecast cool tar sands expansion forecasts further

Joshua Axelrod | Natural Resources Defense Council - July 13th 2015

Blog Post: Last week's momentous announcement of a five year delay for Teck Resources' Frontier Mine may signal a major turning point in the fight to end tar sands production. With persistently low oil prices, increasing political pressure to take action on climate change, and public opposition to pipelines causing delays in the construction necessary to expand tar sands production, projects like the Frontier Mine may simply never get built.

Enbridge Northern Gateway

#BoycottTims trends on Twitter after coffee company pulls Enbridge ads


David Bateman | Toronto Star - June 5th 2015

Press Clipping: Thousands of angry Canadians got #BoycottTims trending No.1 across the country Thursday after Tim Hortons removed commercials for pipeline giant Enbridge from their screens. About 28,000 people signed a petition by a group of campaigners called SumOfUs demanding Tim Hortons drop the ads, accusing the company of “shilling” for the oil sands shipper, who are trying to advance a pipeline project from Alberta through British Columbia. Emma Pullman, senior SumOfUs campaigner, said while Tim Hortons has a special place in the hearts of Canadians, the Enbridge brand does not.

Enbridge Northern Gateway

People power erodes Enbridge’s social license


Editors | Tar Sands Solutions - June 4th 2015

Blog Post: Enbridge's latest ploy to promote the Northern Gateway pipeline was to team up with Canadian coffee icon Tim Horton's and force Timmy adherents to watch Enbridge's slick public relations ads about how great the tar sands are while waiting for their morning coffee (which is pretty rich coming from a company that deleted islands out of public safety videos to make its Northern Gateway tar sands and tanker project look more safe). But public pushback facilitated by Sum of Us put the kaibosk on Enbridge's plans when Tim Hortons pulled its advertising campaign with Enbridge. Thanks for all you do!

Oil by rail, Stop the Expansion

Cuomo administration blocks massive tar sands oil facility expansion in Albany, NY

May 25th 2015

Blog Post: In the face of a court challenge from a broad coalition of environmental and community groups and massive community opposition, the New York Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) today halted Global Companies’ proposed expansion of its massive Albany oil train facility to handle tar sands oil. “The Sierra Club applauds Governor Cuomo and the DEC for using the State’s full jurisdictional powers to protect New Yorkers from the growing threat of unsafe tar sands-by-rail transport,” said Roger Downs, Conservation Director for the Sierra Club Atlantic Chapter.

Economic Factors, Enbridge Northern Gateway, Energy East

In the oil sands, a painful shift to a new normal


Jeff Lewis | Globe and Mail - May 18th 2015

Press Clipping: For years, Alberta’s deposits of tarry bitumen attracted billions in investment from the world’s oil giants. Those days are gone. Today, the sector is reeling amid a price shock that has sapped billions from corporate budgets and forced a dramatic rethink about the companies’ role in global energy markets. By one estimate, as much as 1.2 million barrels per day of future production capacity has been put on hold, only a fraction of which will be resurrected. This slimmer production outlook will ease demand for multibillion-dollar pipelines, potentially delaying projects such as Northern Gateway and Energy East well into next decade.

Land & Species Impacts, Energy East

Cacouna port dead: What does this mean for opposition to Energy East?

Andrea Harden-Donahue | Council of Canadians - April 2nd 2015

Blog Post: As anticipated, TransCanada has pulled the plug on the controversial Cacouna port that really should never have seen the light of day. Massive export port beside (endangered) beluga whale habitat, with massive tankers plying the St Lawrence? Nope. The reality is opposition in Quebec to the Cacouna port and the Energy East pipeline proposal is diverse and growing.