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Energy East

The Economics of Energy East: What’s in it for Ontario?

Richard Carlson & Rob Dorling | Mowatt Centre - April 17th 2015

Publication: Energy East would clearly benefit other regions of the country. As an oil producer, Alberta would be able to sell product at higher prices; and refiners and shippers in provinces such as New Brunswick could benefit from improved access to Western Canadian oil. When it comes to Ontario, TransCanada, the developer, has highlighted large economic benefits for the province, but our analysis indicates that potential economic costs could outweigh these benefits.

Climate Impacts

Digging a Big Hole: How tar sands expansion undermines a climate-friendly energy strategy

April 10th 2015

Publication: A new study, released by Environmental Defence and Greenpeace Canada, shows that if the province’s energy strategy takes climate change seriously, the single most important thing the strategy should do is stop the expansion of tar sands production. The study shows that increasing the production of oil from the tar sands makes it almost impossible for Canada to meet even weak carbon reduction targets or go further and show climate leadership.

Climate Impacts, Air & Water Issues

There’s something really dirty going on in Canada that these celebrities want you to know about


March 20th 2015

Visual: One hundred celebrities, scientists, artists, elected officials, labor unions, progressive organizations, landowners, and climate activists have signed a letter for the president. In the Sierra Club’s most widely watched video ever, a bevy of celebrities make the case for rejecting Keystone XL and more business-as-usual dirty oil production.

Economic Factors, Diversifying Canada's Economy

More employment in renewables industry than in the tar sands

March 10th 2015

Visual: It's true. Employment in the renewables industry far surpasses than in the tar sands, which is heavily impacted by falling oil prices. The instability of oil will have direct consequences for an estimated 23,000 jobs, proving yet again how economically unviable the tar sands industry is. On April 11, let's tell our politicians that renewables are the way to go, both for jobs and the planet!

Energy East

35,000 have watched this Act On Climate video!

March 10th 2015

Visual: In this original and moving Act On Climate video story, Mede Langlois from Neuville, Quebec tells us that he is going to rally on April 11. He’s inviting everyone he knows. Why? Because the idea of an #EnergyEast oil spill into the Saint Lawrence River is utterly unacceptable. He wants us to preserve the beautiful landscape for future generations.

Keystone XL

Robert Reich on why Obama should reject Keystone XL

February 19th 2015

Visual: Why should President Obama veto the Keystone XL pipeline permanently? According to Robert Reich, American politician, academic, writer, and political commentator, "We need jobs and a safe climate and the Keystone pipeline gives us neither. The president should stop this pipeline for good and do it now."