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Collective statement about the Tar Sands Healing Walk by environmental groups

We support the First Nations and Metis embarking on the 4th Annual Healing Walk. The development of the tar sands is out of control, contaminating the land, air, and water and accelerating climate change. The time has come to heal the land and the people who have been so affected by this development.  Moreover, to stop this reckless mismanagement of Canada’s tar sands resources, the governments of Alberta and Canada must work in partnership with First Nations to, at a minimum:

1.     Freeze the footprint of tar sands development
2.    Cap emissions
3.     Stop contamination of the water
4.     Stop contamination of the air


  • 350.org
  • Council of Canadians from Canada
  • Environmental Defence
  • Equiterre
  • Greenpeace,
  • Forest Ethics,
  • Natural Resources Defence Council,
  • Sierra Club of Canada
  • Sierra Club US


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