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26,000 sign petition to oust Big Oil from curriculum development


Alberta NDP - April 12th 2014

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Today, Alberta's New Democrat Education Critic Deron Bilous, along with concerned teachers, parents and students, presented more than 26,000 names on a petition to Alberta Education to remove big oil and gas from curriculum redevelopment.

“It was only a few weeks ago that we, and consequently, all Albertans learned about this PC government’s plan to give big oil and gas a major seat at the table to develop K-3 curriculum and beyond. The outrage has been deafening,” said Bilous. “In that short time thousands of concerned Albertans have signed a petition opposing this incredulous position by the PC government.”

According to Alberta Education documents, several oil and gas companies are given key partnership status in “helping draft Alberta’s future curriculum for our students.” Of further note is that teachers have been excluded from the curriculum redesign process in three of four grade categories.

“We need our kids to be well-educated about our natural resource development, and that includes our oil and gas industries,” Bilous said. “But we don’t need those corporations deciding what a student in this province should learn.”

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