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Climate Impacts, Creating a Low Carbon Future

VIDEO: We’ve reached our boiling point


Editors | Tar Sands Solutions - April 14th 2015

Blog Post: Thousands of people swarmed the Fontaine de Tourny in front of the Quebec parliament on Saturday to create a giant human thermometer to show that we’ve reached our boiling point and so has the planet. It’s time to act on climate. But that was only part of the enormous crowd in Quebec City this afternoon. Police estimated it at over 25,000, making it the largest protest in Quebec City in fifteen years, and one of the largest climate marches in Canadian history.

Climate Impacts

Energy East pipeline poses climate challenge for premiers

April 14th 2015

Blog Post: "Crafting an Effective Canadian Energy Strategy", a new report from Pembina Institute, shows how success of multi-province energy strategy depends on addressing oilsands expansion plans, including west-to-east pipelines. The oilsands sector is Canada’s fastest-growing source of carbon emissions. That means infrastructure proposals such as the Energy East pipeline have a significant impact on the federation’s ability to meet climate change objectives. for a multi-province strategy to be credible and effective, it must take the full emissions footprint of fossil fuel projects into account.

The Dirt :: Climate Action for Canada Edition


Editors | Tar Sands Solutions - April 9th 2015

Blog Post: In this issue of The Dirt, public pressure has forced TransCanada to abandon plans to build an oil terminal that would harm threatened belugas, a new poll finds the majority of Canadians value protecting the climate over more tar sands development and dirty pipelines, and climate activists warn provincial leaders that building more dirty oil pipelines is not compatible with effective climate policy.

Climate Impacts, Energy East

61% of Canadians say protecting the climate more important than pipelines and tarsands


April 8th 2015

Blog Post: According to a recent poll, Canadians believe climate disruption is a moral issue and that climate protection trumps development of the tarsands and pipelines. As a result, they want politicians to control carbon pollution and give citizens a say in energy decision-making. A majority of Canadians (61%) believe that protecting the climate is more important than building the Energy East pipeline and further developing the tarsands. By a three-to-one margin, most Canadians believe building the Energy East pipeline to export tar sands oil is unethical because it is harmful to the environment.

Keystone XL, Oil by rail

Federal data: Not many oil trains for Keystone XL to replace

Editors | Tar Sands Solutions - April 6th 2015

Blog Post: New data on crude oil shipments released last week by the Department of Energy shows that there are very few oil trains taking the path of the proposed Keystone XL tar sands pipeline, undermining industry talking points that building Keystone XL would keep dangerous trains off the tracks. The data, released in the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s first monthly report on crude by rail, confirms that the bulk of oil trains are traveling from the Bakken region in North Dakota to refineries in the mid-Atlantic and the Pacific Northwest, and that only about five percent of the oil moving by rail is coming to the Gulf Coast from Canada or the Midwest.

Kinder Morgan

Mayors stand together against Kinder Morgan pipeline proposal

Editors | Tar Sands Solutions - April 2nd 2015

Blog Post: The mayors of Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, City of North Vancouver, Victoria, Squamish and Bowen Island are pushing the federal government to put the Kinder Morgan pipeline proposal on hold until the National Energy Board addresses the significant deficiencies in its public hearing and review process. All mayors agree that the federal government must step in and introduce a fair and rigorous public hearing process that takes into account input from all stakeholders and cross-examination of witnesses, the same standard applied previously for all other projects.

Land & Species Impacts, Energy East

Cacouna port dead: What does this mean for opposition to Energy East?

Andrea Harden-Donahue | Council of Canadians - April 2nd 2015

Blog Post: As anticipated, TransCanada has pulled the plug on the controversial Cacouna port that really should never have seen the light of day. Massive export port beside (endangered) beluga whale habitat, with massive tankers plying the St Lawrence? Nope. The reality is opposition in Quebec to the Cacouna port and the Energy East pipeline proposal is diverse and growing.

The Dirt :: Act on Climate Edition

Editors | Tar Sands Solutions - March 27th 2015

Blog Post: In this issue of The Dirt, Canadians want feds to take the lead on improving Canada’s performance on climate change, scientists and academics release policy prescription for shifting Canada to renewables by 2050, and Canadians come out in droves to protest the dangerous powers of Bill C-51.