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Keystone XL

Mid-week update: Keystone XL permit hearing – off the rails

July 30th 2015

Blog Post: We have just concluded the third day of testimony on the Keystone XL permit certification here in Pierre, South Dakota. It’s been a bit of a ride, to say the least – rules seem to change by the hour, TransCanada pulled a witness soon after intervening parties started asking him questions, and at times the room has been quite heated (and not due to being on the fourth floor of the Capitol building in July – it’s been testy in here).

Keystone XL

400 riders, marchers, and pipeline fighters: #SDPUCnoKXL!

Sabrina | No KXL Dakota - July 28th 2015

Blog Post: On Sunday, July 26, 20 riders on horseback led nearly 400 people in a march across the Missouri River to protest the Keystone XL pipeline! Hearings on the state’s pipeline permit started today at the Capitol building, where numerous organizations, tribes, and native and non-native individuals have intervened to oppose the permit certification.

Spills and Leaks

Advocates honor anniversary of Kalamazoo tar sands disaster, work to prevent future spills


Editors | Tar Sands Solutions - July 25th 2015

Blog Post: This weekend, activists converged along the Kalamazoo River to commemorate the catastrophic tar sands spill that occurred here five years ago, when an Enbridge pipeline ruptured and spilled over a million gallons of toxic tar sands oil into the Kalamazoo River in the biggest on-shore spill in U.S. history. This weekend’s events, which included a “Healing Walk” along the river, as well as workshops and speeches from members of the community affected by the spill, were attended by hundreds of people from across the region.

Spills and Leaks

Five-year anniversary of Kalamazoo spill reminds us of the dangers of tar sands crude


Jennifer Skene | NRDC - July 25th 2015

Blog Post: On July 25, 2010, an estimated 843,000 gallons of tar sands oil spilled from an Enbridge-owned pipeline into the Kalamazoo River watershed in Calhoun County, Michigan. On the fifth anniversary of this tragedy, communities and activists are coming together at a "Remember Kalamazoo" event in Battle Creek, Michigan, to stand in solidarity with those harmed by the spill and to take a stand against the expansion of tar sands into other communities.

Spills and Leaks

Failure of “failsafe” leak detection system a reminder that tar sands pipelines are never safe


Editors | Tar Sands Solutions - July 22nd 2015

Blog Post: Last week, a tar sands pipeline ruptured in Alberta, Canada, spilling thirty-one thousand barrels of tar sands oil, sand, and wastewater, covering about two football fields’ worth of land in one of the largest on-shore oil spills in North American history. The Nexen pipeline that ruptured was only a year old and was equipped with a “failsafe system” designed to monitor the pipeline and detect any leaks. Unfortunately, in this case as in many others, the so-called “failsafe system” failed to live up to its name, and the spill was already well underway before it was detected.

Climate Impacts, Petrostate Politics

Canada’s new energy strategy reveals irreconcilable rifts in aspirations on climate and tar sands

Anthony Swift | NRDC - July 22nd 2015

Blog Post: Following a week of negotiations, Canada's provincial and territorial premiers have released a 'unified Canadian Energy Strategy' which reveals sharp divisions in the country's aspirations. Unfortunately, the strategy as released reflects an incompatible and unworkable hybrid, promoting the expansion of high carbon tar sands infrastructure and the need to decarbonize Canada's economy. The problem with this approach is that Alberta's expanding tar sands sector happens to be the reason that Canada is the only developed nation that is expected to miss its international climate targets.

Creating a Low Carbon Future

It’s time to talk about the oilsands


Tzeporah Berman - July 21st 2015

Blog Post: It’s time for a new, honest conversation in Canada. It’s time to recognize that the oilsands are, in fact, a technological marvel that took great Canadian ingenuity and acumen. It’s also time to acknowledge that when we began the exploration of the oilsands we did not know what we know today: We didn’t understand the cumulative impacts on our disappearing caribou populations, the toxic impact on our lakes and fish, the human health impacts of air and water pollution. Now we do.

Alberta Clipper

Alberta Clipper activists deliver 8,094 petition signatures to Senators Franken and Klobuchar

Andy Pearson | MN350 - July 17th 2015

Blog Post: Dozens of climate activists from MN350, CREDO, Sierra Club, 350.org, Oil Change International, Energy Action Coalition, MN Neighborhoods Organizing for Change, and Honor the Earth delivered 8,094 petition signatures to Senators Al Franken and Amy Klobuchar’s offices yesterday to show their concern over Enbridge’s illegal scheme and the State Department’s complicity in allowing huge amounts of tar sands oil to come across the U.S. border without a proper environmental review or permitting process.