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Reducing Demand for Oil

Environment Maine: Tar Sands Ordinance Passes on Initial Vote

Environment Maine - July 11th 2014

Blog Post: The South Portland City Council voted 6-1 to pass the Clear Skies Ordinance, a new, narrow ordinance that will protect the city from tar sands. A huge crowd of 355 people, wearing sky-blue tee shirts, turned out in support of the ordinance, and those from South Portland speaking in support of the ordinance outnumbered opponents 9-1.

Spills and Leaks

New University of Michigan Animation Illustrates Danger of Oil Spill to Great Lakes

Jordan Lubetkin | National Wildlife Federation - July 10th 2014

Blog Post: A new animated video by the University of Michigan and the National Wildlife Federation shows how devastating an oil spill beneath the Straits of Mackinac would be for the Great Lakes, wildlife, and communities. The animation shows that if an oil spill occurs, oil could reach popular tourist destinations like Mackinac Island, blanket 50 miles of Lake Huron shoreline, and reach Lake Michigan landmarks such as Beaver Island.

Petrostate Politics, Cleaning up the Tar Sands

Tom Levy: Federal Climate Change Action Needed in Canada

Tom Levy | Technical and Utility Affairs at the Canadian Wind Energy Association - July 10th 2014

Blog Post: The evidence is clear: countries around the world, heeding the call of scientists and insurance companies alike, are adopting policies and regulations to address anthropogenic sources of GHGs. While some work has been done in Canada, there are many more opportunities available to us to reduce our emissions.

Spills and Leaks

Report on 9-month-long tar sands well blow out reveals systemic problems

Joshua Axelrod | NRDC - July 9th 2014

Blog Post: A recent report prepared for tar sands giant Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. (CNRL) raises new questions about the safety of the industry’s drilling (or in situ) operations. The new revelations cast further doubt on the viability of the tar sands industry’s bullish predictions about the future of tar sands development in Northern Alberta.

Human Rights

Voices Against Tar Sands

Natural Resources Defense Council - July 8th 2014

Blog Post: Big Oil is pushing a web of pipelines from strip-mining of Canada's dirty and costly tar sands from under the Boreal forest. But people on the front lines are speaking out, taking a stand against dirty energy.

Enbridge Northern Gateway

Opinion: Enbridge’s chronic condition

Nikki Skuce | ForestEthics - July 7th 2014

Blog Post: When the federal government quietly issued its one-page press release approving Enbridge’s Northern Gateway pipeline and tanker project, it did so agreeing to 209 conditions set out by the National Energy Board. It sounds like a lot. Looking at the history of the NEB, it has never imposed so many conditions on a single project.