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The Dirt :: The #BlackLivesMatter Edition


Editors | Tar Sands Solutions - January 29th 2015

Blog Post: In this issue of The Dirt, Naomi Klein on why #BlackLivesMatter should transform the climate debate, a new study could put the brakes on tar sands development, Harper has no one to blame but himself for the stalled Keystone XL pipeline, and much, much more.

Keystone XL

As Senate votes to interfere with the Administration’s review, EPA set to comment on KXL pipeline

Liz Barratt-Brown | NRDC - January 29th 2015

Blog Post: The Senate is expected to vote today to by-pass the Obama Administration's ongoing review of whether the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline is in the national interest. No doubt Senator John Hoeven (ND) will again be waiving around the flawed and outdated findings of State Department environmental review. In just a few days, federal agencies will comment on that very environmental review and whether its conclusion that the Canadian tar sands was likely to be developed with or without Keystone XL is still accurate. It's not.

Climate Impacts, Creating a Low Carbon Future

Federal role is essential for effective climate action


Tim Gray | Environmental Defence - January 29th 2015

Blog Post: Government action addressing climate change is evolving quickly at the provincial level but that does not absolve the federal government of its responsibility to set a level playing field and spur action. It would have been great had the federal government implemented a pan-Canadian climate change plan eight years ago — when it promised to. Or better yet 13 years ago, when the Canadian government ratified the Kyoto Protocol. But it’s not too late for the federal government to act, especially given the big advantages to doing so: fairness and effectiveness.

Enbridge Northern Gateway

Tanker safety reductions proposed at Canada’s riskiest port

Editors | Tar Sands Solutions - January 28th 2015

Blog Post: Groups opposed to the Northern Gateway pipeline and tanker project today expressed their concern in the face of a major change to safety requirements proposed for a port assessed by Transport Canada as having the highest risk of any existing Canadian port for an oil spill. “If the federal government is willing to roll back critical protection to speed up tanker traffic for oil companies, then what hope can we have that Enbridge will be required to live up to their promises in the Great Bear Sea?” said Caitlyn Vernon, campaigns director of Sierra Club BC.

Keystone XL

Lakota spiritual leader to lead interfaith service protesting Keystone XL

Editors | Tar Sands Solutions - January 28th 2015

Blog Post: Today, Reverend Lennox Yearwood of the Hip-Hop Caucus will join Lakota spiritual leader Chief Arvol Looking Horse and other faith leaders for an interfaith service in front of the White House to protest the proposed Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. The faith leaders will urge President Obama to reject the permit for the pipeline immediately, citing concern over its impact on the climate and natural environment.

Energy East

Judge TransCanada by their explosive record

Mark Calzavara | Council of Canadians - January 27th 2015

Blog Post: One year ago today, a TransCanada natural gas pipeline violently exploded near Otterburne, Manitoba. TransCanada has had four other catastrophic pipeline failures in the last fifteen months, causing the evacuation of hundreds of people and cutting off natural gas supplies to business and communities in the depths of winter. Now, TransCanada is seeking approval to build the largest pipeline in North America. Tell the Ontario Energy Board not to trust TransCanada’s record on pipeline safety here.

Economic Factors, Creating a Low Carbon Future

Seize the day

January 26th 2015

Blog Post: According to The Economist, the fall in the price of oil and gas provides a once-in-a-generation opportunity to fix bad energy policies. Politicians can get rid of billions of dollars of distorting subsidies, especially for dirty fuels, whilst shifting taxes towards carbon use. A cheaper, greener and more reliable energy future could be within reach.

Climate Impacts, Creating a Low Carbon Future

Americans don’t want Congress to make the air dirtier

Rhea Suh, President | NRDC - January 23rd 2015

Blog Post: As President Obama moves forward with the climate action he laid out in his State of the Union Address, he has strong winds of public support behind him. New polling released Thursday shows that the vast majority of Americans favor reducing dangerous pollution and protecting our air and water. This doesn't surprise me at all. I have a young daughter, and like all parents, I want her to thrive. I want her to play outside without fear of breathing dirty air and to drink water from the tap without concern about toxic chemicals.