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Kinder Morgan slammed for ‘accidentally’ omitting oil pipeline maps in federal application

Mychaylo Prystupa | Vancouver Observer - February 27th 2014

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Kinder Morgan was harshly criticized in the House of Commons Tuesday for not filing a complete application with maps for its Edmonton-to-Burnaby oil pipeline -- a project that may disturb dozens of homes through several B.C. cities, depending on the path.

“These are people in charge of a $5 billion construction project, and they ‘forgot’ to include their maps?  Absolutely extraordinary,’" Kennedy Stewart told the Vancouver Observer on Tuesday.

“It’s a 150 metre-wide corridor going through the city."

The Texas-headquartered company admits in a new letter that it accidentally could not upload the pipeline maps due to a technical glitch.

"It appears that during the upload of the electronic files, the maps...were inadvertently attached in a file size that exceeded the NEB’s 5MB file size limit and were therefore not uploaded to the NEB’s regulatory document repository," wrote Kinder Morgan Canada's vice president, Scott Stoness on Friday.

Hard copies of its pipeline maps were provided to the National Energy Board last December in its massive application -- a stack of 37 binders, 2metres (7 ft.) in height.

But critically, Stewart said, online copies were not available during the entire four-week period that ended Feb.12 when the public was applying to participate in the upcoming NEB hearing into the project.  

"After the participation process is closed they say ‘whoops – we forgot to include the maps’ – that’s absolutely Keystone Cops," said Stewart.

Consequently, Stewart asked Parliament on Tuesday to force Kinder Morgan to re-start its application.  

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