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It’s like something out of a movie

Vancouver Observer - April 12th 2014

Enbridge’s Matt Damon

Environmental reporter Mychaylo Prystupa is just arriving in Kitimat, where residents are getting pushed to vote “yes” on the pipeline. Enbridge is running a massive PR campaign, with corporate canvassers going door to door to try and convince locals to back the oil giant on April 12.

It’s like that movie "Promised Land", in which Matt Damon tries to win over a town for a fracking company.

Kitimat resident  Manny Arruda found it disturbing that the canvassers already knew his name. “Invasion of privacy is definitely something I’m feeling," he told the Vancouver Observer. "They’re trying to get into every facet of my life.

“You can’t do anything without seeing Enbridge ads on the TV screen. You open a paper, and it’s two and three full page ads. You turn on the radio, and it’s steadily on the radio. And they’re phoning you at home.”

Your support means that dramatic and surreal stories like Kitimat’s get told. Otherwise, it’s out of sight, out of mind.

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