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Enbridge loses Kitimat plebiscite on Northern Gateway


Mychaylo Prystupa | Vancouver Observer - April 14th 2014

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Nathan Cullen and Haisla woman announced victory in plebiscite race against Enbridge

With a hushed crowd of about one hundred, the unofficial result of the Kitimat plebiscite was read aloud Saturday evening.  Instantly, those gathered at the downtown park erupted into screams of joy.

Enbridge has lost the vote.

YES     1,278 (41.6%)

NO      1,793 (58.4%)

Total    3,071

Nathan Cullen, NDP MP for Skeena—Bulkley Valley was visibly nervous as the smart phone was read carefully for the announcement.

"I am overwhelmed, I am feeling so good about the people here in Kitimat.  Despite all the money, and all the cynicism, bullying that's been going on here, people got together - native, non-native, neighbour to neighbour - and raised their voices tonight," said Cullen, who was interrupted by cars driving by, honking and cheering.

Enbridge vowed to continue the project, despite the rejection from Kitimat voters.

"Today’s result shows that while there is support for Northern Gateway in Kitimat, we have more work to do.  And over the coming weeks and months we will continue to reach out and listen to our neighbours and friends so that Northern Gateway can build a lasting legacy for the people of our community," said Donny van Dyk, Northern Gateway's Manager of Coastal Aboriginal and Community Relations, in a statement.

Cullen said Enbridge should just stop the project.

"I am sure they will spin it.  But we know we're on the right side of right...Enbridge should listen, the Conservative government should listen," reacted Cullen.

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