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Human Rights, Petrostate Politics

Canadian government pushing First Nations to give up land rights for oil and gas profits

Martin Lukacs | The Guardian - March 4th 2015

Press Clipping: The Harper government is collaborating with the Assembly of First Nations (AFN) to win support for its pipelines and resource agenda by pushing First Nations to sideline their aboriginal rights in exchange for business opportunities, a revelation that is sparking strong criticism from grassroots Indigenous people. “Opposition to these projects by aboriginal groups may doom the development of oil, and natural gas pipelines and related infrastructure,” said envoy Douglas Eyford, "because neither industry nor our trading partners are prepared to idly stand by to wait out the results of judicial proceedings that can take a generation to complete."

Keystone XL, Stop the Expansion

Keystone and the riddle of the tar sands


Mark Dowie | Newsweek - March 4th 2015

Press Clipping: Before Canada selected tar sands crude to be its staple export, the country was poised to become a major global contributor to clean energy. Then Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, a powerful neoliberal free-market zealot, decided to double down on high-carbon fuels and announce to the world that tar sands would become the next nation-building staple for his country. It appears he was wrong about that, which would not be a bad outcome for the planet.

Keystone XL

This is the real significance of Obama’s Keystone XL veto


Chris Mooney | Washington Post - March 2nd 2015

Press Clipping: The seemingly unending Keystone XL saga hit the spotlight again Tuesday — when President Obama vetoed legislation that would have approved the pipeline. The significance of this move is worth considering. For what it means, above all, is that a relatively novel environmentalist strategy — aimed at deliberately blocking certain kinds of fossil fuel production and extraction — has now forced the hand of no less than the president himself. “Most actions that have been taken on climate change have been about smokestacks and tail pipes,” says Michael Brune, executive director of the Sierra Club. Keystone, he said, “has been the first major public fight to argue that we have to begin to curtail production.”

Enbridge Northern Gateway, Kinder Morgan, Energy East

Don’t build more pipelines


Tim Gray | Environmental Defence - February 26th 2015

Press Clipping: Federal politicians can’t have it both ways on climate. Far too many Canadian politicians hold the erroneous view that we can address climate change while, at the same time, growing the tar sands and their pipelines. We can’t. There is a direct link between the pipelines, tar sands expansion, and carbon emissions. Industry needs the pipelines to grow. Industry officials have said so on multiple occasions. The most direct way to address the environmental impacts of pipelines is, of course, not to build the pipelines. Building pipelines while smiling and talking soothingly about better listening won’t change the carbon emissions math.

Enbridge Northern Gateway

Courts, costs stall Northern Gateway as Enbridge eyes new West Coast pipeline project

Robin Rowland | Northwest Coast Energy News - February 25th 2015

Press Clipping: Court challenges and rising costs will stall the Northern Gateway project for most of 2015, Enbridge says in its Fourth Quarter (2014) Strategic Update, released Friday. That means if the Northern Gatway project actually goes ahead, the company now says it will not be completed until at least 2020 or 2021. The strategic planning report also contains cryptic references that Enbridge is now planning a second pipeline project to the “west coast” possibly to carry LNG, that could also be completed by 2020 or 2021.

Economic Factors

Cash flows from Canada oil sands to fall by $23 bln in 2 yrs

February 25th 2015

Press Clipping: Cash flows from the Canadian oil sands will fall by $23 billion and turn negative in the next two years, energy consultancy Wood Mackenzie said in a report on Tuesday, as low crude prices make it less economical to extract tar-like bitumen from the sands. Given the price dive, Wood Mackenzie said the oil sands region's 2015 through 2016 cash flows would drop from $19 billion to minus $4 billion, a 120 percent fall.

Petrostate Politics, Keystone XL

Crude Awakening: How the Keystone veto dashes Canada’s ‘superpower’ dreams


Tim Dickinson | Rolling Stone Magazine - February 25th 2015

Press Clipping: Barack Obama's veto of Keystone XL has placed the export pipeline for Canadian tar-sands crude on its deathbed. As we, in the United States, consider the fate of our own massive oil reserves and confront the specter of yet another Bush presidency, Stephen Harper's Canada offers a cautionary tale — about the economic and political havoc that can be unleashed when a first-world nation yokes itself to Tea Party economics and to the boom and bust of Big Oil.

Keystone XL

Obama: Keystone pipeline bill ‘has earned my veto’


Gregory Korte | USA Today - February 24th 2015

Press Clipping: President Obama vetoed a bill Tuesday that would have approved the Keystone XL pipeline, making good on a threat to reject a proposal embraced by Republicans as a jobs measure but opposed by environmentalists as contributing to climate change. Environmentalists claimed victory. "The pen was mightier than the pipeline," said Anna Aurilio of Environment America.