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California just signed a landmark bill to tackle climate change


Raven Rakia | Grist - October 8th 2015

Press Clipping: It’s official. California Gov. Jerry Brown just signed climate-change bill SB 350 into law. The landmark measure promises to reduce California’s greenhouse gases by increasing the use of renewable energy. By 2030, 50 percent of the state’s electricity will be produced by renewable energy (solar, wind, geothermal). You probably have broken out in celebratory dance by now. Which is fine, because this is great news.

Climate Impacts, Environmental Impacts, Indigenous Rights, Canadian Election

The planet can’t handle five more years of Harper

Cam Fenton | 350.org - October 7th 2015

Press Clipping: This election has been rough. It's not just the eleven week marathon campaign, or the series of underwhelming shout-fest debates. For me, as someone who is direly concerned about the fate of our planet, it's the simple reality that among Canada's major political parties none have the courage to put forward a plan that reflects the simple scientific truth about tackling the climate crisis -- fossil fuels need to stay in the ground. Since Canada is home to of the world's largest pools of carbon -- the Alberta Tar Sands -- this is a pretty big deal.

Indigenous Rights, Enbridge Northern Gateway

How Harper triggered a First Nations legal war over Northern Gateway


Mychaylo Prystupa | National Observer - October 6th 2015

Press Clipping: Eight B.C. First Nations are in federal court to launch a legal attack on the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline. The coalition hopes to overturn Ottawa’s conditional approval of the project, which would deliver Alberta crude to B.C.’s north coast. The Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs Grand Chief Stewart Phillip pledged to go to jail if necessary to stop the pipeline, and said the federal Conservative government has “completely demonized and vilified Indigenous peoples of this country and has declared all of these [energy] projects in the national interest.”

Enbridge Northern Gateway

Environmental groups in federal appeal court to oppose Northern Gateway pipeline

Geordon Omand | Globe and Mail - October 6th 2015

Press Clipping: A federal panel tasked with reviewing the Northern Gateway pipeline project failed to take into account the serious threat posed by oil spills and increased tanker traffic to humpback whales, says an environmental lawyer. ForestEthics Advocacy, Living Oceans Society, Raincoast Conservation Foundation and B.C. Nature are part of a Federal Court of Appeal challenge arguing the government erred in granting approval to Calgary-based Enbridge (TSX:ENB) for the controversial, $7-billion megaproject.

Enbridge Northern Gateway

Northern Gateway pipeline court challenge is now underway


October 6th 2015

Press Clipping: Environmental groups say the Northern Gateway pipeline project would pose a serious threat to humpback whales and, if allowed, would set a precedent for future projects. ForestEthics Advocacy, Living Oceans Society, Raincoast Conservation Foundation and BC Nature are part of a Federal Court of Appeal challenge arguing the government erred in granting approval for the controversial, $7.5-billion megaproject.

Indigenous Rights, Energy East

First Nations inspired by B.C. in battle against Energy East

Mychaylo Prystupa | National Observer - October 4th 2015

Press Clipping: Indigenous leaders from across Canada are forming a new national political alliance to support opposition to TransCanada's Energy East pipeline. The coalition of chiefs hopes to share B.C.'s lessons for thwarting oil sands pipelines with bands from the Prairies and Eastern Canada. Quebec, Ontario and Manitoba First Nations chiefs voted unanimously at a Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs conference on Wednesday in Vancouver to develop strategies to work together to oppose Energy East, which they see as an unacceptable risk to their lands and waterways. A first-of-its kind “Indigenous Treaty” is also in the works to tackle oil sands expansion in general.

Energy East

Energy East a no go, Laval tells CMM commissioners


Martin C. Barry | Lavalnews.ca - October 3rd 2015

Press Clipping: In keeping with a fundamental guideline adopted by the City of Laval last year to base all future development on a model grounded in environmental sustainability, Mayor Marc Demers told a panel of environmental commissioners for the Montreal region earlier this week that the city will not put up with the Energy East pipeline passing through Laval’s territory. Addressing a hearing last Wednesday in Laval, Demers led off a reading of the city’s memorandum to the commissioners by stating that the principal reason for Laval’s opposition “resides in the fact that the City of Laval wishes to preserve the security of its citizens and the protection of the environment on its territory.”

Stop the Expansion, Transition to Clean Economy

Next PM needs to be ready for a postpetroleum world

Gary Mason | The Globe and Mail - October 2nd 2015

Press Clipping: The next prime minister needs to start preparing for a postpetroleum world. Oil does not have to be what defines Canada’s economy; in fact, oil and gas represent only about 10 per cent of it (but 25 per cent of our exports). Given the attention climate change is receiving these days, and given oil’s ambiguous future, it’s time Canada’s political leadership began to focus on transitioning from an economic model that increasingly looks fraught to one that reflects new global realities and priorities.