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After Paris: The climate talks end and the movement continues


Jamie Henn | 350.org - December 12th 2015

Press Clipping: The new climate agreement isn't radical, and it isn’t enough. It's unacceptable that the fossil fuel industry has forced us to wait this long for a global agreement on climate change, especially now that we know companies like Exxon knew their product was fueling climate change 25 years ago. But I still think the Paris agreement gives us a new tool to fight with.

Transition to Clean Economy

5 reasons to actually be optimistic about the Paris Climate Conference

John Upton | Grist - December 8th 2015

Press Clipping: Peering closely at the climate talks underway in Paris could be a formula for depression. But, as this year’s historic round of United Nations climate talks enters its crucial closing week with ministers arriving in Paris to take over from their underlings as they try to seal a deal by week’s end, here are five reasons to consider staying upbeat.

Climate Impacts, Stop the Expansion

The End-of-the-World’s Fair


Rebecca Solnit | Harper’s Magazine - December 6th 2015

Press Clipping: I asked Notley about the fact that keeping the world to two degrees (centigrade) of warming pretty much requires keeping the tar sands in the ground. It was a pointedly naïve question, since politicians don’t generally offer to change course dramatically or halt a major industry. But here at the climate conference the question needs to be asked. Her answer was both predictable and completely insane.

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Climate-change change, or the apostasy of Mark Jaccard

Pete McMartin | Vancouver Sun - December 5th 2015

Press Clipping: The real behavioural change, Jaccard says, is that you have to change your behaviour as a citizen, and make sure you elect people who implement policies that are the compulsory kind that will enforce technological change in as gentle and flexible a way that is possible. If governments mandated an alternative — the end to all cars powered solely by internal combustion engines, for example — then the change would be technological, not behavioural, and its import would be societal, not individual. And it would be all the more effective for that.

Energy East, Honour First Nations Rights

Canada’s indigenous bands rise up against a tar sands pipeline


Jim Robbins | Yale E360 - December 4th 2015

Press Clipping: TransCanada, the company behind the now-defunct Keystone XL, is proposing another pipeline that would ship Alberta tar sands oil to Canada’s Atlantic coast. But fierce opposition from First Nation communities could derail this controversial project. "The endless expansion of the fossil fuel industry is the thing that makes the math of climate change impossible," climate activist Bill McKibben said. "And we're fighting that tooth and nail."

Erosion of Democracy

Liberals should meet National Energy Board before bad gets worse

Editorial Board | iPolitics - December 4th 2015

Press Clipping: The Liberals face a conundrum in assessing the situation at the NEB. They promised to reverse a change to the command structure of the regulator put in place by the Conservatives, which effectively left the power to approve or reject a pipeline in the hands of the Natural Resources minister. Having the minister at the top of the decision-making process gives Trudeau and his cabinet some clout if things don’t go the way they hope with the NEB. But before breaking its promise, the Liberals should start by determining whether the NEB can fall in line with their platform by discussing their plans with board members.

Transition to Clean Economy

Five numbers you need to know to understand Canada’s role at Paris climate talks

Carol Linnitt | DeSmog Blog - December 3rd 2015

Press Clipping: Here are five numbers you need to know to understand Canada’s role in the world’s most important climate negotiation to date. For instance, did you know that Canada is the highest per capita carbon polluter in the world, when taking into account emissions from land use and forestry? And that Canada has spewed the fourth most carbon (per capita) into the atmosphere since the industrial revolution? Time to bring down those GHG emissions!

Honour First Nations Rights, Transition to Clean Economy

Trudeau promises more science, indigenous perspectives in climate action at COP21


Carol Linnitt | DeSmog Blog - December 2nd 2015

Press Clipping: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told international dignitaries that “Canada is back,” Monday in his speech at the opening of the COP21 climate talks in Paris. Trudeau told the crowd, “our government is making climate change a top priority and our actions will be based on five principles.” Trudeau promised first to proceed with climate policy “based on the best scientific information and advice” adding, “second, we will support and implement policies that will contribute to the low-carbon economy and this will include carbon pricing.”