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Keystone XL, Energy East

In the heart of the oil sands, a new fight over pipelines

Shawn McCarthy | Globe and Mail - July 23rd 2014

Press Clipping: Canada’s oil sands producers are facing a pipeline brouhaha in their own backyard that could threaten expansion plans by strangling their access to markets. TransCanada and Phoenix Energy are proposing to build the $3-billion Grand Rapids pipeline to transport 900,000 barrels a day of blended bitumen from Fort McMurray to the Edmonton area. But the project is under fire from landowners, environmentalists and the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation (ACFN), who complain it is being fast-tracked without proper environmental assessment.

Line 9, Stop the Expansion

How a town in Maine is blocking an Exxon tar-sands pipeline


Roger Drouin | Grist - July 23rd 2014

Press Clipping: Citizens trying to stop the piping of tar-sands oil through their community wore blue “Clear Skies” shirts at a city council meeting in South Portland, Maine, this week. But they might as well have been wearing boxing gloves. The small city struck a mighty blow against Canadian tar-sands extraction. “It’s been a long fight,” said resident Andy Jones after a 6-1 city council vote on Monday to approve the Clear Skies Ordinance, which will block the loading of heavy tar-sands bitumen onto tankers at the city’s port.

Human Rights

‘A societal earthquake’ – sorting through the Tsilhqot’in ruling


Bill Phillips | Prince George Free Press - July 22nd 2014

Press Clipping: In its unanimous decision, the country’s highest court rejected the B.C. government’s argument that aboriginal title should be restricted to settlement sites and other places frequently occupied by semi-nomadic aboriginal people before European contact. UNBC professor Paul Michel said the land title is not absolute, as provincial laws will still apply. However, in terms of economic development, there must be meaningful dialogue with First Nations. “It goes way beyond a duty to consult,” he said. “They must have consent.”

Petrostate Politics

Thomson: On pipelines and veterans, feds are marching to a different drum


Graham Thomson | Edmonton Journal - July 21st 2014

Press Clipping: Government officials in the Privy Council Office — who give advice to the prime minister — concluded that Canadians’ were not supportive of the Northern Gateway pipeline. “There is little enthusiasm for the project, even among supporters,” said the officials. “Detractors worry about the environmental consequences in the event of a spill, particularly as a result of a tanker accident off the B.C. coast. There is an appreciation that increased market access for oil will be economically beneficial, but there is still a desire to do so in a more environmentally safe manner.”

Tar Sands Free

Tar sands battleground: South Portland

John Richardson | Portland Press Herald - July 20th 2014

Press Clipping: The battle of South Portland’s residents to keep tar sands crude out of their community shows that what’s happening in this Maine city is just one part of an ongoing fight over Canada’s plans to expand tar sands production in Alberta.

Enbridge Northern Gateway

Doctors speak out against Enbridge Nothern Gateway


Christine Hinzmann | Prince George Citizen - July 19th 2014

Press Clipping: A group of 18 Prince George doctors has come out against the proposed Northern Gateway pipelines with a full-page ad in the Prince George Citizen. "We're concerned about the very significant health risks involved, because we're physicians, you know?" said Dr. Marie Hay, a pediatrician and one of the doctors opposed to the development of the twin pipelines from northern Alberta to Kitimat.. "We're not just interested in the health of people who live at the moment but also predominantly of the children and of the future."

Climate Impacts, Petrostate Politics

On emissions, talk has been Ottawa’s only action

Jeffrey Simpson | Globe and Mail - July 19th 2014

Press Clipping: Bruce Carson saw the early years of the Harper government from the inside, and today he wonders why Prime Minister Harper hasn’t bothered to implement policies to reduce GHG emissions from the oil and gas sector. "What happened to the resolve Harper expressed in January, 2010, in relation to the oil and gas sector, especially the oil sands?”

Human Rights, Enbridge Northern Gateway

First Nations launch multiple court challenges to Northern Gateway


Mike Laanela | CBC News - July 16th 2014

Press Clipping: Several B.C. First Nations are launching at least nine court challenges to try to block Enbridge's Northern Gateway pipeline, leaders revealed at a news conference this morning in Vancouver. First Nations leaders said they will argue the proposed pipeline and its recent approval by the federal government is a constitutional violation of their aboriginal land rights in their respective territories, particularly in light of the Supreme Court of Canada victory last month by the Tsilhqot'in First Nation.