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Enbridge has proposed to pump tar sands crude through a repurposed 500-mile pipeline that currently runs westward along the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence Seaway from Montreal, Quebec to Sarnia, Ontario. Enbridge, the same company responsible for the devastating pipeline spill of one million gallons of tar sands crude into Michigan’s Kalamazoo River, wants to reverse Line 9 so it can carry tar sands crude to Montreal (and then on to a harbour and oil terminal in South Portland, Maine).

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- An aging 500-mile natural gas pipeline that will be reversed to carry tar sands crude through Ontario and Quebec

Key Problems:

- Reversing old pipelines means risks of more leaks and spills

- Natural gas pipelines were not built to carry corrosive tar sands crude

- This leak-prone pipeline crosses dozens of major rivers and runs through major urban centers

Current Status:

- Line 9 has been approved by Canada's National Energy Board.

This pipeline runs through or close to many major urban centres, including Hamilton, Toronto, Kingston, Cornwall, and Montreal, home to millions of people. It also crosses dozens of major rivers and streams that flow into the Great Lakes, a major source of drinking water. A pipeline spill anywhere along this route would have disastrous consequences.

Updates & Resources

It’s time to ask your candidates some tough questions


Peter Robinson, CEO | David Suzuki Foundation - September 3rd 2015

Blog Post: We have a big opportunity to find out more about the people who want to represent us in Ottawa and help inform each other about the candidates' positions on important environmental issues. We have some questions that we think candidates in all ridings across Canada should answer. But we need your help because these questions will be most effective if they come from people in the candidates' own ridings.

Prime Minister Harper’s inaction on climate killed the Keystone XL oilsands pipeline


Emma Gilchrist | DeSmog Canada - September 3rd 2015

Press Clipping: With U.S. President Barack Obama expected to deny a permit to the Keystone XLpipeline this fall, Canada’s oil industry is looking for someone to blame. The National Post’s Claudia Cattaneo wrote last week that “many Canadians … would see Obama’s fatal stab as a betrayal by a close friend and ally” and that others “would see it as the product of failure by Stephen Harper’s Conservative government to come up with a climate change plan.” The latter is the more logical conclusion.

Why B.C. First Nations oppose the Northern Gateway pipeline


Gillian Steward | Toronto Star - September 2nd 2015

Press Clipping: Aboriginal groups fear the consequences if bitumen from the Alberta oilsands were to spill into the sensitive ecosystem of Great Bear Rainforest. The coastal First Nations in the area make up the majority of the population, and they don’t want the Northern Gateway pipeline. They particularly don’t want tankers full of diluted bitumen — which is much thicker than crude oil — in waters where salmon abound in a complex ecosystem that has supported their people for centuries.

#MidwestUnrest Highlights

September 2nd 2015

Visual: Last week, 20 youth and allies were arrested in front of John Kerry's home in Georgetown demanding he stop Enbridge's illegal tar sands scandal and put a halt to the expansion of Alberta Clipper. It was an incredible day. Here’s a video showing the highlights.

U.S.-led Arctic conference highlights absence of election climate debate

Bruce Cheadle | Canadian Press - September 2nd 2015

Press Clipping: An international summit on Arctic issues is highlighting the absence of climate debate so far in Canada's federal election. Foreign ministers from eight countries met Monday in Anchorage at the invitation of U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, where they discussed "challenges and opportunities" related to climate change. Canada, with the world's longest Arctic coastline, had an official delegation in Anchorage headed by a senior civil servant rather than Foreign Affairs Minister Rob Nicholson.

Why the Earth is heating so fast: On the dangerous difference between science and political science

Bill McKibben | Common Dreams - September 2nd 2015

Press Clipping: President Obama is visiting Alaska this week — a territory changing as rapidly as any on earth thanks to global warming. He’s talking constantly about the danger that climate change poses to the planet. But of course the alarm he’s sounding is muffled by the fact that earlier this year he gave Shell Oil a permit to go drill in the Arctic, potentially opening up a giant new pool of oil.