Sand Solutions

Golf players with low golf handicaps avoid disasters-either through experience or sound technique. Players with high golf handicaps rack up sevens and 8s because they either fail to totally leave from trouble or they hit into more problem. In either case, they have to make another difficult shot. These extra shots add up, enhancing their ratings and turning a great round into a bad. Golf players with low golf handicaps don’t make those kinds of mistakes.

Landing in a bunker is amongst the worst errors golfers with high golf handicaps can make. Numerous golf players have trouble getting out of bunkers, however those with high handicaps are probably the worst. Either they fail to leave the bunker or they skull the ball over the green, landing in thick rough or under a tree. By performing great bunker shots, you’ll knock 2 or three strokes off your golf handicap. Typically, it’s just a matter of enhancing your strategy and building your self-confidence.

The Basics

Numerous weekend golf enthusiasts get so intimidated by a bunker shot, they end up being unraveled and forget what to do. To enhance bunker play, you initially require to gather your ideas. Then you require to focus on the basics-your approach and your setup. Whether you’re in a fairway or a greenside bunker, you need to make a healing shot. The most crucial thing to keep in mind is to return in play any way you can. Don’t compound the circumstance by attempting to do more than you’re capable of doing.

If you lack confidence playing from a fairway bunker, then grab a sand wedge and play the best possible shot. Simply put, discover the simplest escape route then utilize it. Try to find the lowest point of the bunker’s lip and the fastest bring distance to the fairway. Then, hit an explosion shot like you would for a greenside bunker shot, if you have to. Keep in mind, there are no style points for these shots. Just get the ball out and onto the fairway.

If you have more self-confidence in playing from a fairway bunker, your objective modifications. Now you wish to advance the ball toward the green and leave yourself some comfortable yardage for your next shot. Pick a club with sufficient loft to get you over the lip, established with more weight on your front leg, and make a downward stroke. Grasp down on the club a little and swing about 85 percent, selecting the ball easily from the sand. Make ball very first contact. If you actually have self-confidence playing from a fairway bunker, aim for the center of the green, not the pin.

Greenside Bunker Shots

Your goal with a greenside bunker shot is various. You wish to get onto the green and at worst two-putt. That’s much easier said than down, however it’s workable. If you have a high golf handicap, do not fret about advancing the ball toward the hole. Just get it out and onto the green. If it’s close, that’s great. If it’s not, that’s okay, too. You’re still putting, and anytime you’re putting, you have a chance to sink it. Setting up correctly is half the battle with greenside bunkers. Play the ball a little forward of center, open your stance and the club face, and place your hands and the shaft slightly behind the ball. Picture the ball within a six-inch square box. Now blast all the sand from the box, riding the ball on a cushion of sand. The most significant error high handicappers make is getting shy and decreasing their swing. Hit the ball like you’re striking a 60-yard shot off lawn. If you do, you’ll accelerate through the ball naturally.