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Help Ecojustice shut up climate deniers in Canada

Canada, Now

Six leading Canadians are calling on the Commissioner of Competition to investigate false and misleading representations made by climate change denier groups, such as Friends of Science. Ecojustice lawyer Charles Hatt filed the complaint today on behalf of Stephen Lewis, Tzeporah Berman, Dr. David Schindler, Dr. Thomas Duck, Dr. Danny Harvey, and Devon Page. Join them by signing a letter calingl for the Commissioner of Competition to investigate these false and misleading representations made by denier groups in contravention of the Competition Act.


Ask the Department of Justice to investigate Exxon

Everywhere, Now

Earlier this morning, leaders from a wide variety of environmental and civil rights groups sent a short letter Attorney General Loretta Lynch, asking for a federal investigation of the allegations that Exxon knew that climate change was real decades ago and lied about it. I think we should be angry. I don’t think we should be cynical and say ‘of course they knew.’ This behavior should shock us—it’s shocking. So can you please join us in asking the federal government to investigate Exxon?


Cut YOUR ties to the fossil fuel industry

Everywhere, Jan 1 - Dec 31

With the Paris climate talks in December and evidence that this year will likely become the hottest on record, now more than ever we need fossil fuel companies to get out of the way of the leadership this crisis demands. That means more than just admitting that there’s a problem -- it means a complete reversal of their business model. We’re asking institutions, governments, and people like you to unlink your future from this dirty industry by divesting your money from fossil fuels.


World governments: Keep fossil fuels underground!

Global, Oct. 6 - Dec. 11

2015 is on track to be the hottest year in recorded history, and this December world governments will meet in Paris for the biggest climate talks since 2009. Right now, commitments by world governments are falling short of where the world needs them to be. We need way more ambition. We need action on a historic scale. Our message is simple: Keep fossil fuels in the ground -- really, just stop digging -- and start building renewable energy. Turn off the old kind of energy that’s killing us, and turn on a renewable future. Do it now.


Sign the Leap Manifesto

Canada, Happening now

Sign The Leap Manifesto, a bold and comprehensive vision for a new economy and new society based on caring for each other and our planet. The Leap offers a clear path forward to transform both our climate and our society in a better direction.


Sign the Élan Global Manifesto

Québec, Ongoing

Faced with the urgency of climate change and the mounting scientific evidence that most known fossil fuel reserves must be left buried, Québec public figures ranging from artists and academics to climate activists, ex-politicians and student leaders have launched the Élan Global Manifesto.


Tell your MP: Protect our Communities from Risky Oil Trains

Across Canada, Happening now

Hundreds of thousands of barrels of volatile crude oil pass through Canadian communities by unsafe trains every day. Past our homes, our workplaces, our schools, and our lakes, rivers and coastlines. Don’t let your community be the next preventable rail tragedy. Speak out now to protect our communities!