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Give Energy East a people’s intervention

Canada, Dec.11-31

Stephen Harper and Big Oil have gutted Canada’s environmental review process, cutting people's voices and climate change out of the National Energy Board review of the largest tar sands pipeline ever proposed. Tell the new National Energy Board Chair Peter Watson to include climate impacts and people's voices in the Energy East pipeline review!


Stop the Energy East flip-flop!

Ontario and Quebec, December 4-31

Last week, Ontario and Quebec announced seven conditions for the Energy East pipeline – including a climate test. Now, under pressure from Alberta, Ontario and Quebec are backing down on a strong climate test and refusing to consider the upstream climate change impacts that Energy East would cause. Call your Premier's Office and tell them that Energy East needs a real, strong and robust climate test.


Help First Nations fight Northern Gateway in the courts

British Columbia, July 1-December 31

First Nations have built a solid wall of opposition to the Northern Gateway pipeline, and are taking this pipeline to the highest courts in the land to have it stopped. But legal challenges are expensive, so RAVEN Trust and an army of British Columbians banded together to find the resources necessary to win. So far they have raised almost half of the $250,000 goal, and an anonymous donor has pledged to match donations until the end of the year. Donate today. Let’s pull together with First Nations to stop the Enbridge pipeline and tanker project in the courts.