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Kickstart the National Observer: Reports from the Energy Battleground

Everywhere, February 12 - May 30

This year will be the hottest year ever in energy politics, filled with big pipeline decisions, big energy dramas, and big elections. We're a team of award-winning journalists based in Canada. With the funding from this project we'll create one year of powerful reporting on energy politics and the environment.


Call for an independent review of Kinder Morgan

British Columbia, Jan-October 2015

British Columbians have lost confidence in Ottawa’s pipeline approval process. It’s time for our province to reclaim the powers it signed away to the National Energy Board. It’s time to assert our jurisdiction over crude oil transport through B.C.


Give Energy East a people’s intervention

Canada, May 2015

Stephen Harper and Big Oil have gutted Canada’s environmental review process, cutting people's voices and climate change out of the National Energy Board review of the largest tar sands pipeline ever proposed. Tell the new National Energy Board Chair Peter Watson to include climate impacts and people's voices in the Energy East pipeline review!


Help First Nations continue to fight Northern Gateway in the courts

British Columbia, Jan-August 2015

Thank YOU for everything you did to help reach Pull Together’s 2014 goal of raising $300K! That translates to a lot of support for First Nations legal challenges against Enbridge. In a marvellous display of solidarity, British Columbians and people from across the country stepped up and have become allies in the effort to protect our land, waters, and future. The six First Nations involved with the campaign are very grateful for the public’s support in the legal fight against the approval of Northern Gateway. The funds raised have already been disbursed to help pay for some of the legal work conducted to date, including obtaining the right to proceed with the legal challenge, and preparing and filing judicial review applications.