Tar Sands Solutions Network

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A united front working for tar sands solutions

Tar Sands Solutions Network is a growing international network of organizations including First Nations, environmental groups, landowners, farmers, scientists, community leaders, academics, and grass roots groups located throughout North America and Europe.

We represent a range of voices that are unanimously calling for a safe, clean energy economy that protects human and environmental rights. 

Our focus is stopping the expansion of the Canadian tar sands and its infrastructure of pipelines and tankers, growth that is out of control and happening without consistent care, oversight, or debate.

The power our network brings to its members is:

  • A space to aggregate and amplify diverse tar sands and pipeline campaigns
  • The ability to highlight key activities and moments and share successes
  • Access to insights and data for the diverse array of groups, big and small that work on the campaigns
  • An accessible resource of key reports, images, maps, fact sheets in one central location

The content of this site and the work profiled by the Tar Sands Solutions Network represents diverse voices and views.  Every activity and report reflects the views and positions of its authors or the specific organizations identified with that campaign or publication and not necessarily all TSSN members.

We welcome your comments and feedback, but most of all your voices as we come together with a common goal to stop the expansion of the tar sands and build a clean, safe energy future.