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Petrostate Politics

Open letter asks CRA to stop political audit

September 16th 2014

Press Clipping: More than 400 academics are demanding the Canada Revenue Agency halt its audit of a think-tank, saying the Conservative government is trying to intimidate, muzzle and silence its critics. In an open letter, the group defends the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, a left-leaning think-tank that was targeted for a political-activity audit. The letter says the centre is internationally respected, conducting its research in a "fair and unbiased way," and that its frequent criticisms of government policies does not make it a partisan organization.

Kinder Morgan

Keep Kinder Morgan out of BC Parks

Editors | Tar Sands Solutions Network - September 16th 2014

Blog Post: The provincial government has quietly invited comment on Kinder Morgan’s application to change the boundaries of four parks in order to build its proposed Trans Mountain pipeline. It’s time to say “no” to Kinder Morgan’s plan to slice and dice these four provincial parks and “no” to our government’s approach of bending over backwards to meet the needs of tarsands pipeline proponents and other industrial interests!

Climate Impacts, Creating a Low Carbon Future

Everything you need to know to attend the biggest climate march in history


Ari Phillips | ThinkProgress - September 16th 2014

Blog Post: For one week in late September, New York City will be the center of gravity for the fight to confront climate change. The People’s Climate March, being called the “largest climate march in history” by organizers, will potentially draw over a hundred thousand people to walk through Manhattan and show a level of demand for action not seen since the era of Civil Rights marches and anti-Vietnam protests. Here’s what you need to know to be a part of it.

Climate Impacts, Creating a Low Carbon Future

Science clear on impacts of emissions

Kaitlyn Harvey | Saskatoon StarPhoenix - September 16th 2014

Press Clipping: This summer saw floodwaters rise across southern Saskatchewan and Manitoba, closing highways, sending families from their homes and causing widespread damage. Water levels rose so high that Environment Canada's senior climatologist, David Phillips, said the flooding was "unprecedented ... ridiculous," and described as "almost monsoonal" in some locations. The unprecedented flooding is not a freak incident, but a symptom of a deepening climate crisis that will have profound implications for Saskatchewan. It is time to listen to the science and to take action, which is why I'm going to New York City on Friday for the People's Climate March.

Climate Impacts, Creating a Low Carbon Future

As people march, a moment of truth in the climate fight

Katherine Bagley | InsideClimate News - September 15th 2014

Press Clipping: The People's Climate March is more than just a call to action. As demonstrators from more than a thousand organizations representing millions of people prepare to descend on New York City on Sept. 21, it represents the biggest expansion of the climate movement so far. Once considered an issue only for environmentalists, global warming has become part of the agenda for labor unions, faith-based organizations, schools, small businesses, and student, social justice, parenting, public health and political groups.

Climate Impacts, Creating a Low Carbon Future

Why I’m helping organize a cross-border climate rally at the Peace Arch

Eoin Madden | Georgia Straight - September 15th 2014

Press Clipping: I remember the day I first got word that something big was coming for all of us seeking an opportunity to stand up and demand action on climate change. I was chatting with an organizer from 350.org, a group cofounded by author and environmentalist Bill McKibben, who said, "Bill thinks we should create the biggest climate march in history.” I knew then that I wanted to do my bit to make that wish come true.