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Kinder Morgan

Expert engineers deem TransMountain too dangerous

Mitchell Anderson | The Tyee - December 17th 2014

Press Clipping: The Concerned Professional Engineers (CPE), a group of senior local experts with decades of experience in marine transportation, naval architecture and risk mitigation, submitted a letter to the NEB regarding Kinder Morgan's pipeline expansion proposal. It states that the proposed project ''presents a high risk to the environment and to structures located along these routes.'' They have not yet received a reply to their concerns.

Economic Factors

Oil investors at brink of losing trillions of dollars in assets

Alex Morales | Bloomberg News - December 17th 2014

Press Clipping: A major threat to fossil fuel companies has suddenly moved from the fringe to center stage with a dramatic announcement by Germany’s biggest power company and an intriguing letter from the Bank of England. A growing minority of investors and regulators are probing the possibility that untapped deposits of oil, gas and coal -- valued at trillions of dollars globally -- could become stranded assets as governments adopt stricter climate change policies.

Land & Species Impacts, Alberta Clipper

Pipeline peril: Tar Sands expansion and the threat to wildlife in the Great Lakes region

NWF - December 17th 2014

Blog Post: The health and future of the Great Lakes region, which provides drinking water to millions of people, is at grave risk from tar sands oil pipeline expansions, according to a new report by the National Wildlife Federation. "Pipeline Peril: Tar Sands Expansion and the Threat to Wildlife in the Great Lakes Region" explains the incredibly high risk and direct threat involved for wildlife and people of the Great Lakes region if pipeline expansions continue.

Oil by rail

Unsafe and unnecessary oil trains threaten 25 million Americans

Ralph Nader | Huffington Post - December 17th 2014

Press Clipping: We need an immediate ban on the most dangerous tank cars. We also need to slow these trains down; slower trains mean fewer accidents, and fewer spills and explosions when they do derail. The public and local fire fighters must be notified about train routes and schedules, and every oil train needs a comprehensive emergency response plan for accidents involving explosive Bakken crude and toxic tar sands.

Petrostate Politics, Keystone XL

How Harper misread Obama and botched Keystone XL

Campbell Clark | Globe and Mail - December 17th 2014

Press Clipping: Campbell Clark argues that Canada’s Conservative government has misplayed the politics of the Keystone XL pipeline, and badly. There is a constituency in the United States that wants action on climate change, and they made Keystone a symbol for this battle. But Harper and his fellow Conservatives just pushed harder on the idea that the U.S. was going to need Canadian oil, anyway. This turned out to be a mistake, and it’s almost certainly too late to get Mr. Obama to ever approve this pipeline.

Enbridge Northern Gateway

Keystone XL pipeline’s economic argument may expire: experts

Zi-Ann Lum | Huffington Post Canada - December 16th 2014

Press Clipping: The juncture of falling oil prices colliding with TransCanada’s push for its US$8-billion Keystone XL pipeline may undermine the argument that the project makes economic sense, according to analysts. Sandy Fielden, RBN Energy's director of energy analytics, told the L.A. Times the impact of falling prices may rattle support for Keystone XL. “The economics of this project are becoming increasingly borderline,” she said. But TransCanada isn’t showing any signs it’s fazed by the dropping prices.