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Climate Impacts

New Alberta climate policy is symbolic step - more is needed

Anthony Swift | National Resources Defense Council - June 26th 2015

Blog Post: Alberta's NDP government has announced a new climate policy that places heavier fines on facilities that exceed emissions targets. While this policy will not have a significant impact on Alberta's overall emissions, it is an important symbolic gesture of the Notley government's intention to adopt more ambitious reforms in the future. But will it be enough to put Alberta - and Canada - back on track to meet its climate targets?

Energy East

Quebec Premier Sees Little Value in Proposed Oil Pipeline

Cara Anna | Associated Press - June 26th 2015

Blog Post: Quebec's Premier Philippe Couillard publicly stated that he does not see any benefit in building the Energy East pipeline. Citing climate impacts and the imminent danger of a spill, Couillard shared his desire to build a fossil-free province that leads the nation in climate action. Couillard also promised Quebec would take a prominent role at the Paris climate summit in December.