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Kinder Morgan

Hundreds gather for anti-pipeline procession in Burnaby

Jennifer Moreau | Burnaby Now - April 18th 2014

Press Clipping: Hundreds of people gathered in Burnaby on Saturday to protest the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion. "We are in the process of building a mass movement of people who are committed to stopping pipelines from the tar sands, and this was a step forward in building that movement," said Ruth

Climate Impacts

Oilsands talking point collides with reality

P.J. Partington | Pembina Institute - April 18th 2014

Blog Post: If you’ve been following the Canadian government’s sales pitch for the Keystone XL pipeline, you’ve probably heard this claim before: “Emissions per barrel have been reduced by 26 per cent between 1990 and 2011.” It’s more or less true, but it’s also a red herring. The oilsands sector’s overall emissions intensity will fall by only one per cent between 2010 and 2030; meanwhile, the GHG intensity of the bitumen extraction process itself is projected to rise by 17 per cent.

Economic Factors, Petrostate Politics

Government-commissioned studies suggest public unsure of energy industry benefit

Bruce Cheadle | Canadian Press - April 18th 2014

Press Clipping: Public-opinion research contracted by Ottawa suggests the pro-resource-development Conservative government has not yet convinced Canadians of the national benefits of the energy industry. "The perceived advantages of pipelines were economic — though few participants saw Canada as a whole benefiting from pipelines being built," said a report from Environics posted publicly this week.