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Spills and Leaks, Kinder Morgan

Just how risky is Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion?

Heather Libby | Desmog Canada - May 21st 2015

Press Clipping: With the May 27 deadline for evidence submission to the National Energy Board’s review of the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion project fast approaching, the cities of Burnaby and Vancouver are stepping up. Last Wednesday, the City of Burnaby quietly released a report [PDF] outlining the risks and possible implications of a fire at the Burnaby tanker terminal. The results, to quote Mayor Derek Corrigan, are “comprehensive and jarring.” “It is remarkable that Kinder Morgan is even asking the citizens of Burnaby to assume such risks, but even moreso that the National Energy Board is willing to consider expanding this storage site in this location."

Kinder Morgan

Economist Robyn Allan publicly withdraws from “rigged” review of Kinder Morgan pipeline

Carol Linnitt | Desmog Canada - May 21st 2015

Press Clipping: Economist and former ICBC president Robyn Allan has withdrawn from the National Energy Board’s (NEB) review of the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project, saying she can no longer “endorse a process that is not working.” In a letter addressed to Sherri Young, secretary of the NEB, Allan said the “review is not conducted on a level playing field” and that because the panel is “not an impartial referee…the game is rigged.”

Economic Factors, Enbridge Northern Gateway, Energy East

In the oil sands, a painful shift to a new normal


Jeff Lewis | Globe and Mail - May 18th 2015

Press Clipping: For years, Alberta’s deposits of tarry bitumen attracted billions in investment from the world’s oil giants. Those days are gone. Today, the sector is reeling amid a price shock that has sapped billions from corporate budgets and forced a dramatic rethink about the companies’ role in global energy markets. By one estimate, as much as 1.2 million barrels per day of future production capacity has been put on hold, only a fraction of which will be resurrected. This slimmer production outlook will ease demand for multibillion-dollar pipelines, potentially delaying projects such as Northern Gateway and Energy East well into next decade.

Petrostate Politics

Shredding documents can’t paper over environmental problems in the tar sands


Keith Stewart | Greenpeace Canada - May 18th 2015

Blog Post: Bureaucrats don’t get a lot of thanks, but I’d like to extend mine to those true public servants who blew the whistle on document shredding at Alberta’s environment ministry. As a result, Alberta’s independent government watchdogs announced a joint investigation into the whistleblowers’ allegations that government documents were improperly destroyed within Alberta’s Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Resources Development. The PC government forgot that those documents belong to the people of Alberta, not their party. That kind of arrogance is why they lost.

Spills and Leaks, Kinder Morgan

Up to 90 per cent of Burrard Inlet oil spill would reach shoreline in hours


Tiffany Crawford and Kelly Sinoski | Vancouver Sun - May 18th 2015

Press Clipping: An independent oil spill trajectory model created for the cities of Vancouver and Burnaby, and the Tsleil-Waututh Nation, in response to Kinder Morgan's pipeline expansion plans, has found that up to 90 per cent of the oil from a major oil tanker spill in the Burrard Inlet would reach the shoreline within 48 hours. Vancouver mayor Gregor Robertson called the report "alarming," and said many residents believe the Kinder Morgan proposal poses "far too great a risk to our local economy and environment."