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Energy East

Energy East: Issues around tourism and natural gas (in French)

Radio-Canada - October 17th 2014

Press Clipping: This is a fantastic and important article (Radio-Canada, French), where the media finally starts to talk about the other important economic impacts of Energy East, like tourism along the Saint Lawrence River. The article looks at tourism, along with the natural gas supply issue, as examples of economic impacts on the other side of the ledger than those TransCanada usually talks about.

Human Rights

Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation in Vancouver to appeal Shell’s tar sands expansion

Editors | Tar Sands Solutions Network - October 15th 2014

Blog Post: The Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation (ACFN) leadership and Elderswere in Vancouver this morning, October 15th, 2014, to defend their appeal of the Federal approval of Shell’s Jackpine Mine Expansion tar sands project. The ACFN along with local groups have organized a solidarity rally and press conference outside of the courthouse before the hearings begin.

Economic Factors

Oil producers enter supercycle’s dark side: Kemp

John Kemp | Reuters - October 15th 2014

Press Clipping: Oil producers are getting another brutal reminder that theirs is a business characterized by long, deep price cycles. Benchmark Brent futures have dropped below $90 a barrel, the lowest level since December 2010, but that actually understates the extent of the damage. And such low oil prices make it difficult for tar sands producers to invest the big billions required to keep producing this costly (and dirty) crude.

Energy East

Opposition builds to Energy East pipeline plan

Shawn McCarthy | Globe and Mail - October 14th 2014

Press Clipping: TransCanada Corp. faces a rough ride in Central Canada over its proposed $11-billion Energy East pipeline as industrial users and natural-gas distribution companies warn they’ll be short-changed by the company’s plan to switch the pipeline from gas to oil. Both Quebec and Ontario governments plan to intervene in the National Energy Board review, and both provincial governments are being urged to defend their natural gas customers who say their interests are being sacrificed to western oil producers.

Energy East

Energy East 101

October 14th 2014

Visual: Energy East 101, a four-minute handimation gives a comprehensive background on the controversial Energy East pipeline proposed by TransCanada. The video is narrated in English by Maude Barlow, author and national chairperson of the Council of Canadians, and in French by Quebec-based activist Steven Guilbeault from Equiterre.

Energy East

Energy East is not a done deal

Cameron Fenton | 350.org Canada - October 14th 2014

Blog Post: Back in 2010, a chorus of government officials and industry voices assured the world that the Keystone XL pipeline was on the verge of being built. Then Secretary of State Hilary Clinton called the project a "done deal." Now, nearly five years later, stacks of pipeline along the route are gathering dust and costing TransCanada millions of dollars. Energy East is far from a done deal. In fact, the project has yet to be formally applied for and is already facing rising opposition.