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The Dirt :: It’s Time to Pull Together Edition

Editors | Tar Sands Solutions Network - October 23rd 2014

Blog Post: In this issue of The Dirt, Energy East faces growing opposition that threatens to kill TransCanada’s unpopular pipeline project, Canada Council and friends set to launch Atlantic Canada tour to highlight the risks of the Energy East pipeline, and a new report raises questions about Canada Revenue Agency’s biased process for determining which charities deserve to be audited. Oh, and an anonymous donor has stepped up to match donations to First Nations' legal battle against Enbridge’s Northern Gateway pipeline, so get out your wallet!

Keystone XL

Listen to the power of the People’s Climate March

H. Emerson Blake | Orion Magazine - October 24th 2014

Blog Post: Perhaps the clamor was the most significant thing about the People’s Climate March, because it embodied a need to be heard—a cacophonous demand for new climate policy and a new set of rules for how the planet’s future will be shaped. We hope that it will be ringing in the ears of the politicians who still want to believe that politics can be separated from the health of the planet—and that registered voters’ opinions about climate can be ignored.

Petrostate Politics, Creating a Low Carbon Future

Clean-tech is good for the economy and environment

David Suzuki, with contributions from senior editor Ian Hanington | David Suzuki Foundation - October 24th 2014

Blog Post: What's the fastest-growing sector in Canada's economy? Given what you hear from politicians and the media, you'd be forgiven for thinking it's the resource industry, especially extraction and export of fossil fuels like oil sands bitumen and liquefied natural gas. But we're no longer just "hewers of wood and drawers of water" — or drillers of oil, frackers of gas and miners of coal.According to Ottawa-based consultants Analytica Advisors, clean technology, or clean-tech, is the country's fastest-growing industry.

Keystone XL

Keystone XL pipeline trial in Oklahoma starts today

Editors | Tar Sands Solutions Network - October 23rd 2014

Blog Post: On April 22, 2013, Alec Johnson disrupted construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline near Tushka, Oklahoma by chaining himself to heavy equipment and effectively halting work. Now, more than a year after his arrest, Alec Johnson will attempt to make US history by becoming the first to argue that he was justified in breaking the law to prevent a greater harm: the urgent threat of climate change.

Kinder Morgan

Kinder Morgan’s Qs on Aboriginal food provokes avalanche of fish photos

Mychaylo Prystupa | Vancouver Observer - October 22nd 2014

Press Clipping: Hundreds of aboriginal people took the bait of an impromptu viral social media campaign to submit their favourite fishing pictures, following a Vancouver Observer story last week that reported that pipeline giant Kinder Morgan had questioned how much a B.C. band still eats fish. Green Party of B.C.’s interim leader Adam Olsen thought the question was fishy, so asked aboriginal people to share their fish photos. The response was overwhelming.